We are Smart Living.

Creating a healthy balance between life and work…

Our corporate culture and the purposeful environments we develop center around smart living: a focus on a healthy balance between life and work, wellness, sustainability, and community engagement.


Thoughtfully-located work spaces and technology – modern spaces that offer the opportunity to live and work.


A healthy lifestyle with access to fitness and meditation rooms, nutritious food and outdoor space.


An environmentally-focused approach that’s sensitive to the planet with LEED projects and initiatives like Westford Solar Park.


Spaces that offer the opportunity to engage, socialize with and support the broader community — the arts, local business, and community events.

We are collaborative.

Engaging the communities in which we work to anticipate their needs and understand what is most important to them. Listening to and understanding the views of the communities that we work in is at the heart of who we are as individuals and as a company.

Portsmouth Jazz & Blues Festival at Portwalk Place

We are community focused.

Leveraging the transformative power of communities and ensuring each space reflects the unique personalities and needs of its residents. Our goal is not to simply develop a new product, but to thoughtfully create experiences to engage occupants and enliven neighborhoods.

We are progressive.

Adapting to an ever-changing market. We make it our mission to stay ahead of trends and leverage evolving technologies to create purposeful environments. We embrace a new way of life, work and wellness not only through our projects, but in the way we work as a team.

We are sustainable

We are sustainable.

We know successful communities endure the test of time, so we focus on developing energy efficient spaces that are built to LEED standards with minimal impact on the environment.

We are experienced.

With nearly one billion in investments across the Northeast, our real estate projects span the full spectrum of commercial real estate: residential, mixed-use, hotel, office, retail, and specialized technology.

Featured Projects.

Stepping outside the bounds of traditional real estate development, anticipating the needs of future generations…

Our projects range from a five-acre, 400,000 square foot mixed-use development that includes hotels, restaurants, and residences, to a transformed industrial space converted to a hive of creative commerce where business, arts and sciences come together, to one of the largest solar plants in Massachusetts that produces enough clean energy to power more than 600 homes.