Smart Living

Creating a healthy balance between life and work, and proactively evolving to address the needs of modern, mobile, and connected communities.

Technology and world health concerns have changed the way we live, work, and play.  We welcome the opportunities technology has presented for us to stay connected with work and distant family and friends while facing a global health crisis, and we appreciate the shift toward a more loosely defined “workplace”.   As we work to define a new normal, the choices of where we work and play has broadened.

Our goal at Cathartes is to build and provide an environment and user experience that addresses the realities we are all facing to find balance in work and family life, to be healthy and fit, to minimize the negative impact to our environment, and to experience the benefits of community. We call this user experience Smart Living which consists of four pillars: Balance, Community, Wellness, and Sustainability.


Thoughtfully-located work spaces and technology – modern spaces that offer the opportunity to live and work.


A healthy lifestyle with access to fitness and meditation rooms, nutritious food and outdoor space.


Spaces that offer the opportunity to engage, socialize with and support the broader community — the arts, local business, and community events.


An environmentally-focused approach that’s sensitive to the planet with LEED projects and initiatives like Westford Solar Park.

The Life Collection

Learn more about how Cathartes applies the four pillars of Smart Living; Balance, Community, Wellness, and Sustainability, to our residential properties by visiting our Life Collection Communities.