Saint Rock Haiti Foundation

When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, the country was already dealing with turmoil. Emergency efforts to rebuild and restore living conditions are complicated even ten years later as prior to the earthquake Haitians were already dealing with a number of crises including food shortages and government upheaval. The worldwide attention and relief efforts following the earthquake became an opportunity not to simply help the Haitians, but also to encourage them to develop the tools they need to govern themselves independently to ensure long-term growth and a positive future.

Cathartes shares its commitment to sustainability and community with the citizens of Saint Rock Haiti.

Jim Goldenberg, Cathartes Principal and Board Member of the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation, originally became involved with the Foundation through his children’s school volunteer program.

Traveling to Haiti with my teenage kids was an amazing experience. Exposure to the dire circumstances that exist in other parts of the world makes and indelible any age. Working side by side within the Saint Rock community and developing friendships with some of the local young people is something that neither they nor I will ever forget...they gained perspective of the world that couldn't possibly have been provided in any other way.

Cathartes has since been able to offer support and expertise to impact various community development projects including the construction of a new medical clinic and birthing center, and donated 500 solar panels to build a solar micro grid power plant to power to the new buildings.

About Saint Rock Haiti Foundation and how you can help:

Saint Rock Haiti Foundation is a Boston-based non-profit organization that provides critical lifesaving medical support as well as support of educational and micro finance programs to the Saint Rock region of Haiti.  Being the poorest county in the western hemisphere, the impact that SRHF is able to make on the community is enormous.  It has operated in Haiti for 15 years and, by bridging the resources and expertise of it’s New England support base, it serves as a model for how non-governmental organization’s can provide transformative support to resource poor regions around the world.

If you are interested in supporting The Saint Rock Haiti Foundation, there are many opportunities to become involved.  Learn more about what they’re doing on the Foundation’s website at  To make a financial contribution to their efforts, click here to donate.

Saint Rock Haiti Foundation
372 Granite Ave, Suite 1
Milton, MA 02186
Phone: 617.698.0006

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